Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cutting Edge is New Landscaper

As a board we are continually seeking bids to ensure that the services we receive as community are competitively priced and of high quality. We have sincerely appreciated working with Ryan's Lawncare and have felt that they did a good job maintaining our community and were a significant improvement over previous services. We would certainly recommend them and their work. After soliciting bids at this time, however, we found financial incentive to go with a different company Cutting Edge. They are located closer to us and still offer great services but at lower cost to the community. We look forward to working with them. (Some of you have had our community landscaper provide services to you personally for your backyards etc. We wanted to make sure you were aware of the change in case you are interested in reestablishing similar agreements independent of the community contract.)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meeting Minutes from Public Meeting December 1, 2010

Monarch Meadows HOA
Annual Meeting

December 1, 2010
7:00 PM
Riverton City Library

Board Members Present: Chip Dawson, Tami Gazzero, Sharma Philips, Camille Cook.
Absent: Brian Smith

Management Company Representative: Richard Harman, Western Management,
Broker / Manager

Board Legal Counsel: Samuel E. Bell, J.D., Law Offices of Kirk A. Cullimore, HOA

1. Welcome

The meeting was called to order by Chip Dawson at 7:10 PM. There were eight homeowners present in the audience at that time. Mr. Dawson welcomed those in attendance to the meeting and reviews the proposed agenda.

2. Board Accomplishments 2010

Chip Dawson reviewed some of the items accomplished by the Board during the year 2010. The primary accomplishment, which was spearheaded by Board Member Camille Cook was the repaving and replacement of several dozen driveways throughout the community. This was done without any outlay of capital funds since Richmond American Homes agreed to come back and review and replace many driveways.

The Board also mentioned that it had used funds to replace on driveway that was reviewed and found to be the most in need of repair. Board Member Cook mentioned that the Board would be forwarding a request for reimbursement for the driveway that the HOA paid to replace.

3. Financial Review 10-31-2010 and 2011 Budget Review

Financial Review 10-31-2010
Richard Harman of Western Management reviewed the year-to-date cash flow statement and year-to-date budget for 2010. (See exhibit #1). Resident Mr. Robby Duckworth asked how the HOA had managed to reduce its insurance costs. Mr. Harman explained that on the suggestion of resident Rory Duckworth, the Board had sought out bids for insurance coverage. The Board awarded the bid to Travelers Insurance, and that the insurance policy provided the same coverage and protection our previous carrier had provided.

2011 Budget Review
Mr. Harman explained that he felt that there could potentially be an additional two years of decreasing home prices based on local housing market and general economic conditions. As a result of this, he expected that there could potentially be additional foreclosures and resulting difficulties in reclaiming unpaid association fees and dues. He explained that the flat fee snow removal contract we had negotiated with our landscaping company, Ryan’s Landscaping, had proven costly to the association during the 2009-2010 snow year, but with the early snow that we have had so far, that the association would stand to benefit from the contract. The advantage to the flat fee contract for snow removal was that it provides a reliable number to base budgeting on.

Mr. Harman stated that the proposed 2011 budget included approximately $10,000.00 to be used for asphalt maintenance, including a crack seal and overlay. The association would be reviewing bids for this work in the coming months. He also discussed the difficulty that can arise in trying to recover monies for the association during a foreclosure. He proposed that the Board and association review a proposed change to the CCR’s which would allow lenders to pay up to six months of association fees in the event of a foreclosure. Attorney Sam Bell mentioned that as an amendment to the CCR’s, it would require a 67% approval by the association members.

Mr. Rory Duckworth asked how many homes were currently in foreclosure. Mr. Harman answered that there were three, and that there were approximately $9,000 in accounts receivable. Mr. Harman also discussed the alternative of having the HOA foreclose on a home, and then renting the home out to recoup some of the lost costs. Mr. Bell expressed some concern about that plan of action, stating that legally it could be done, but that he would have to educate and counsel the Board before pursuing that course.

Finally, Mr. Harman stated that if this budget was approved by the Board, that a copy of it would be sent to homeowners with the January 2011 association fee bill.

4. Management Board Elections – Three Members.

Mr. Bell explained that the terms of three Board Members had expired – Chip Dawson, Tami Gazzero, and Brian Smith. As a result, their needed to be an election of Board Members to serve three year terms. Mr. Harman explained the ballots provided to those in attendance. Mr. Dawson stated that he was interested in running for another term, as was Ms. Gazzero. Mr. Smith, who was not in attendance, had previously informed Board members that he would be unavailable to serve an additional term.

Mr. Bell and Mr. Harman then conducted the election. Rory Duckworth nominated and Sharma Philips seconded a motion to place Chip Dawson’s name on the ballot as a Board Member. Sharma Philips then nominated, and Sheryl Burkhart seconded a motion to place Tami Gazzero’s name on the ballot. Robby Duckworth nominated, and Sherry Pendergrass seconded placing Rory Duckworth’s name on the ballot.

Mr. Bell asked if there were any other nominations. There were no other names nominated. Chip Dawson then made a motion to close the ballot nominations, with Sharma Philips seconding the motion. Those in attendance were asked to mark their ballots and submitted them to Mr. Harman.

Mr. Bell and Mr. Harman announced that Mr. Dawson, Ms. Gazzero, and Mr. Duckworth had been elected to the three positions on the Board. At a future Board meeting, the Board will meet and appoint a President, Vice-President, and Secretary, and make other assignments as needed.

4. Open Forum

Chip Dawson asked if there were additional items that those in attendance wished to discuss.

Mr. Robby Duckworth mentioned a light near the east cul-de-sac of London Bay Drive appeared to be on 24 hours a day. Mr. Dawson explained that his could be a testing cycle for the lamp. The Board asked Mr. Harman to have his maintenance crew examine the light and make any repairs if necessary.

Tami Gazzero encouraged association members to seek out potential bids and bidders for landscaping. While the Board likes the service and pricing of the current landscaping company, the Board is always looking for bids and ways to save money.

Mr. Burkhart asked if the Board or association had ever considered xeriscaping as a way to keep water and landscaping costs down. Mr. Harman explained that CCR’s currently dictate how lots are to be landscaped, but that common areas could potentially be landscaped with this method.

Mr. Rory Duckworth asked if the concrete sealer used on his driveway would be reapplied in the future. Ms. Philips stated that this would be occurring, but that a timeline had not yet been set. Ms. Gazzero added that the Board had asked the landscaper to not use salt on the concrete as it has the potential to damage the concrete.

Mr. Dawson took a minute to thank each one of the Board members for their service.

5. Adjournment

Seeing that there were no other items of business or questions from audience members, Mr. Dawson moved to close to the meeting. There was no discussion to the motion. All present voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:09 PM.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Thanks to those who have responded the Board's requests to submit service requests with Richmond American Homes!

NINE more driveways have been added and multiple porches and driveways. These repairs may not happen until next year but they have committed to do them and we have every confidence they will follow through. Richmond has really made good on their promises and has been so willing to work with us.

The sidewalks will not be replaced at this time. We may try to appeal this decision, but we are so pleased with all the Richmond has done to be willing to add more driveways and porches.

THANK YOU RICHMOND AMERICAN HOMES FOR MAKING THINGS RIGHT. I know the leadership at Richmond is fairly new (they have been in for a year and a half) and they could easily have said, well the people before us messed up we won't let it happen again and leave it at that, but they have chosen to take the time and spend the money to make things right 4-5 years after the fact. This is remarkable. THANK YOU!

We inundated Richmond with requests, now please inundate them with THANK YOUS!

Send thank yous to:

Richmond American Homes
849 Levoy Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84123

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Board Works with Richmond to Save Community $150K

Richmond has returned and is finishing driveways in our community.

We were told today that Richmond would not have returned had the HOA Board not worked hard to get waivers from homeowners.

Fortunately, after two years of working closely with Richmond driveways have been and are being replaced. We are thrilled!

We applogize to any who have not been notified by Richmond in a timely manner. The Board was also unaware that Richmond would arrive earlier than anticipated. We have talked with Richmond and hopefully this will not be a problem in the future.

And thanks to each of you who responded to the Board's requests to submit service requests to Richmond American Homes online. Thank you!

The estimated savings to our community from the driveway replacements is approximately $150K.

There are certainly some big advantages to living in an HOA when we all band together!

Friday, August 27, 2010


We are pleased to report that Richmond American Homes has already replaced 5 driveways affecting 18 homeowners. An additional 14 driveways will be replaced affecting another 41 homeowners provided that all the waivers are turned in to Richmond ASAP.

The Board was able to collect enough waivers to get Richmond to return to our community and the estimated start date is September 6th.

Thank you Richmond American for following through on your commitments and replacing the driveways.

We still have a few waivers outstanding so please turn those in ASAP!

Thank you!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Please Contact Richmond Re: Driveway Replacement


We posted this almost exaclty one year ago, but we're at it again!

Richmond American Homes will be replacing driveways in our neighborhood over the next few weeks.

Your driveway is currently NOT on the list to be replaced.

This may be because no one in your pod has submitted a service request or complaint for your driveway.

We would encourage you to go online TODAY and submit a service request to Richmond American Homes ASAP regarding your deteriorating driveway.
There is no guarantee that Richmond will honor the service request but no one (not even the Board) can submit a request on behalf of another person’s home. We encourage you to do this ASAP and hope that Richmond will take on additional driveways.

To submit a service request:

1. Go to www.RichmondAmericanHomes.com
2. Click on “For Homeowners” (2nd tab at the very top of the homepage)
3. Select Utah for State and SLC for Region
4. Click on “Contact Home Care Specialist” (on the right of the screen towards the top)
5. Choose “Submit Service Request”
6. You will need to input your name, email and address with a description of your concern.
7. Click “Send Request”

As a Board we have been working with Richmond American for over two years and are pleased they will finally be replacing driveways in our community.
We appreciate your help in getting Richmond to consider more of the driveways in our community. Thank you for submitting a service request TODAY!

Thank you,
The Monarch Meadows HOA Board
For questions or concerns you can reach the Board and Western Management via email at: monarchmeadows@yahoogroups.com

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Memo from the Board Re: Rental Ballot

The Board recommends a vote of yes to amend the CC&Rs as proposed in this ballot for the reasons enumerated below. The amendment:

1. Affords homeowners increased property ownership rights.
Currently the CC&Rs prohibit rentals in the community unless the owner is granted an exception through an appeal to the Board based on hardship. The only hardship provisions required by Utah State law for rentals are when a homeowner is deployed, a homeowner is transferred out of state for a minimum of two years, or under certain circumstances when a unit is owned by a trust or other entity for estate planning purposes.

2. Provides additional income for repair and beautification projects in the community and reduces the likelihood of future due increases.

The initial fee proposed to rent is a $20 non-refundable application fee and a $40 monthly rental fee. A maximum of 20 homes will be granted the right to rent. These fees ensure that the community as a whole will benefit from owners who temporarily rent their homes.

3. Continues to prohibit investors from purchasing homes with the intent to rent.
Under the proposed amendment to be eligible to rent the owner must have occupied the home for at least 12 months. Thus sales to investors will continue to be inhibited and the amendment will continue to promote an owner occupied community.

4. Grants greater control of community rentals to the Association.
It has been difficult for the Board to become aware of rentals in the community and penalize those in violation of the CC&Rs. This policy and the fines for those who rent without authorization encourage homeowners to apply through the proper channels instead of violating the rules and hoping not to get caught. Through the rental application process the Board will ensure owners are current on their dues, will require a copy of the lease agreement, credit checks, and reserves the right to evict renters who violate the CC&Rs.

5. Allows temporary relief to those who seek to rent but do not meet the hardship requirements as defined by the state of Utah.
There are homeowners who have requested permission to rent based on a variety of reasons. The current CC&Rs do not have provisions to allow rentals that are not necessitated due to hardship. Individuals are thus faced with the decision to sell at significant financial loss to relocate for reasons other than hardship. The ability to apply for the right to rent for up to 24 months provides temporary relief to individuals in our community who desire to move but cannot afford to sell in this depressed market.

6. Potentially reduces below market sales by providing another option for homeowners thus helping preserve community property values.
Instead of walking away from their homes and selling at below market prices (short sales and foreclosures) individuals may apply to rent and postpone property sales until home values may have recovered or additionally equity has been gained.

PLEASE NOTE: Multiple notifications have been sent regarding the rental policy. Those who deliberately violate this policy will be subject to fines of up to $25 per day per the CC&Rs. Those who have been in violation of this policy to date are also subject to fines.

YOUR VOTE COUNTS. To amend the CC&Rs we must receive a yes vote from 70 of the 109 homeowners in our community by June 25, 2010. Thank you for your thoughtful and careful attention to this matter.